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While we have many good things to say about all the efile providers we've reviewed, the one we most highly recommend this year is once again TurboTax. They are the #1 efile provider in the U.S. and provide an outstanding product which guides the novice and experienced taxpayer through the often humbling process of filing income taxes.

A close second to TurboTax is TaxACT which was independently owned until they were purchased this year by H&R Block. Their advantage is that filing your taxes with them is free, without qualification.

H&R Block is also a formidable presence in this space. They are still the #1 tax preparer in the U.S. thanks mainly to their tax storefronts, but they also provide a substabtial online tax package to accommodate even the most complicated tax return.

Top 6 Reasons to Use TurboTax Software to E-File Your Taxes

1) TurboTax Makes Filing Your Taxes Online Easy:

      TurboTax asks you questions in plain English, and puts your answers on the right tax forms. What could be simpler?

2) You're Never Alone with TurboTax:

      TurboTax knows everyone’s situation is different. So if you have questions, they have answers. Get product support when you need it through chat, online community, and by phone. You can even talk to a live tax expert.

3) Get Your Biggest Refund:

      TurboTax will guide you step by step so you can get the biggest refund you’re entitled to - guaranteed. If you get a bigger refund using any other tax preparation method, they’ll give you your money back. It’s that simple.

4) TurboTax can help you reduce your audit risk:

      Concerned about being audited? With TurboTax, you don’t have to be. Their Audit Risk Meter™ helps you reduce your chance of an audit.

5) TurboTax Is the #1 Best-Selling Tax Software, Year After Year:

      More people trust their taxes to TurboTax than any other tax preparation method, so it’s no wonder it’s the #1 best-selling1 tax software, year after year. And you only have to ask their customers to discover why.

6) Your Information Is Always Protected:

      TurboTax makes protecting your personal and financial information a top priority. Whether you choose a TurboTax CD, a TurboTax download, TurboTax Online, or free tax filing with TurboTax Online Free Edition, they’ve got you covered.

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